Is it lunchtime on Tuesday already? And no blog from me?  Yes, our schedules here at the farm are overflowing like a broken cattle water tank.  Hay is being mowed and raked, oats are being swathed, which essentially just means cut and placed into a windrow.  We are even in the early stages of combining said oats.  Remember those oats that went down a la pancake style last week.  The managed to muster enough strength to partially right themselves and Doug is moving slowly across the field in an attempt to swath them today….so far so good…so maybe a potential disaster will be avoided. (knock knock).

Early yield reports on the organic oats that stayed upright during the storm are less than we hoped.  I think I had a little more weed pressure than I wanted and we may have been short a little on nitrogen.  I’ll blame that on the corn from last year being so good…it likely robbed the oats their full bounty this year.  Not to worry, hiding under the oats is a beautiful crop of red clover, just waiting for its day to shine.  We should have the oats off, straw baled, and be off to the races for a great crop of clover in early fall.  Remember, the key is to always have something planted and always harvest the power of the sun.  That energy goes from the big hot ball of fire, to the plant, to the animal, and then to us! Nirvana, Eureka, Yahtzee, Shazam….any of these will do as we click our heels mid jump!

Speaking of hot ball of fire, holy humid! Last night was like a warm wet blanket sitting in a sauna …today not much better.  It has been a less than ideal summer of weather so far for us humans…maybe we’ll fare better in the second half.   I will say that we might not enjoy the weather but the crops seem to relish it.  As long as the rain keeps coming, they will keep harvesting the sun and shooting upward.

My laying hens are finally starting to enter their molt.  We are still getting 120-140 eggs a day but not the full production of 200+.  I’m hoping we can make it to fall without disappointing too many local customers with limited bounty.  Sorry for rubbing it in to those of you reading this outside our pick-up are.  Eggs and the FedEx professional box throwers don’t seem to mix well  in our eyes so we don’t ship them.  We do however ship everything else…right to your door….sooooo easy! (hint hint)

The pigs are getting bigger by the day and seem to be handling the heat ok.  Occasionally we will turn the water loose and blast them with the hose.  They love it and fight to stick their nose in the path of Maddock’s aim.  I love his chuckle every time he gets to do it.  There must be something about pigs snorting and squealing, and a 5 year old’s free spirit, that make a perfect match.  Soak it up Dad, they grow up so fast!

I’m hitting send and off to check on the crew…maybe take them a water and lunch?  I know Ryan is thankful for freon.  Yesterday the air conditioning wasn’t working in the combine.  He was sure to run it down to our local repair shop to add freon and charge it up this morning…should be cold as a cucumber by now.  Maybe I should take him a sweatshirt with his sandwich?

Have a great week…stay cool…and eat your grassfed meat…farmer’s orders!

Your Farmer,