I promise this is not photoshopped!  A good customer of ours pulled up for his monthly Wallace Farms meat order on Saturday…and my mind screamed “blog photo of the week!”  It was an awesome day for both weather and our monthly Chicago delivery.  Thank you to all those who made time to come meet us for your monthly meat needs.  We are always looking for more great customers, so if you have friends or family in the Chicago and Iowa area be sure to tell them about our company…and that we have circus dogs at the drops too!

Last week the farm saw really great rain.  It rained so often, and for long stretches on and off, that I lost track of the exact rain gauge totals.  I think we were right around 2.5 inches for totals.  It was a honey of a weather system.  The jet stream seemed to put a cap on the front pushing through….so we sat in the hot, humid washing machine cycle for the better part of the week.  I’d say the crops will all be looking good for the better part of July….even if it gets hot and dry.

Good news from our partners to the east.  Julie and Kenny have almost finished calving.  She said they have 6 cows and heifers left to calve.  That would make 111 calves…and we only have had problems with 5 or less. (knock knock)  That’s fantastic and well below the country average for birthing complications.  I can’t thank them enough!  As you might imagine, calving is not the easiest job.  About every 4-5 hours, for the better part of 2 months, they have been checking on the herd…always a diligent eye and always ready to spring into action.  In addition to the bred cow load, they are breeding back the cows and AI’ing (artificial inseminating) our heifers from Montana.  For 2 years running we have partnered with 5L out in “big sky” country.  They send us teenagers with red hides and four legs…we breed them, keep the “best of class'” and sell the rest.  It’s always hard because Larry at 5L runs such a great cow and bull breeding program that it’s hard to pick the top 10 or so out of 100.  It’s a bit like picking your favorite kid…depends on the day.

I think we have all of the kinks, bugs and glitches out of the new website.   I did have one super important change to point out this week.  We moved to a “one price”  platform for all of our products.  Then at checkout, we share the true charges for our costs to ship the product.  So you will see, dry ice–insulated cooler– packing charge– FedEx charge.  Before we were trying to add those costs into the products and offering free shipping but it was too confusing to distinguish different pricing on the website.  As it sits we have 2 options.  If you are within the FedEx Ground area of delivery it is $27.46.  If you fall outside that area on the shipping map and are in the FedEx Express category, it is $39.96.  We really want to make our products accessible to all of you reading this across the country…and for those of you within our pick-up area who can’t make the delivery dates each month.  There is something to be said in this day and age about convenience…and not having to leave your house to get a box full of delicious meat is priceless!  I normally don’t stress a “call to action” in this blog, but I really want to encourage all of you reading this blog to try our “Ship to Door” program. Let’s see if we can get 100 readers to give it a test drive.  If we do reach our goal of 100 orders shipped this week I’m going to offer a huge sale to those who place a second order next month.  I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but you won’t want to miss out!!!

So with that big tease, I’m going to check to see if our heifers got moved to the new pasture and figure out why the electric fence is not connecting between a few gates.  It’s always something on the farm…always.

Your Farmer,