Is that Steve Wallace riding off into the sunset? Yup. This week I have been asked to write the weekly blog, while Nick is in Colorado for a few days.

I will offer up some thoughts for you to think about. We do not do enough thinking about BIG thoughts. We are usually dealing with the everyday things that are in front of us. Not today, if you are reading this blog. Today I want you to think BIG thoughts.

The picture (above) reminded me that we all share the sun. The sun is there every day, so we take it for granted and never really think about it. It is an awesome power that plants use to create the food on which we depend.

The sun powered the grasses and wild flowers that became the great American prairie. That prairie was home to the buffalo, deer, and other ruminant animals, converting the grass and flowers into food and leaving their waste behind. Well, today the plants are different. The ruminant animals are cattle and sheep. But the process of the sun powering the plants, the plants powering the animals, and the animals powering us has not changed.

While this great American prairie has deep soil, it is part of the thin skin that covers the earth. We all have a stake in that skin, from which every human being derives their daily bread. That thin skin is owned by somebody, but we all really share in the soil.

The soil is a combination of chemistry, biology and physics. Humans are also a combination of the same chemistry, biology, and physics. This combination is called nutrition. We as humans derive all of our nutritional needs from the soil. The transport of that nutrition from the soil via plants and animals to humans must be thought about.

Are you thinking BIG thoughts? We share the sun, the plants, the animals, because they are critical to our future.


Your farmer’s father,
Steve Wallace