There are only 3 good reasons to be late publishing a weekly blog. The first you’ve already realized a few weeks back, her name is Reign, and she’s almost 2 years old. The second and third are, launching a new website and having cattle break through the fence…twice in 2 days. So with that, I’m publishing this week’s blog on Wednesday.

I’m not going to dwell on the website stress. Sometimes beautiful things are messy and hard to create. All I can say is that once we get it fine-tuned it’s going to be something really great for years to come. Thank you for all the great feedback on bugs and improvements to be made…your customer feedback is invaluable. To celebrate the launch we are going to run the largest sale we’ve ever run…25% OFF…EVERYTHING! Click on the order button below for more details and to place your order on the new website. You can use your coupon at checkout before you prepay and we will discount everybody else when you show up to get your order…so don’t panic…we’ve got you covered.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a big group of cattle bust through a fence. And it always happens on a weekend…always. The weekends are when all my employees get well-deserved time off and when I do the chores…and a lot of thinking. The problem with the weekend is that if anything happens and we need an extra set of hands or feet, they aren’t there. So we had just built a semi-permanent 3 strand hot-wire fence to separate the young steers from one paddock to the next. This is on the new farmstead we are fixing up and we hadn’t had time to fix the entire perimeter fence yet. Simply enough, right? Put up the hot fence (that means electricity flowing through it) and let them graze the new area, and keep them from grazing the area with holes in the fence. As luck would have it, Friday night we had a storm blow through. I’m guessing it was both the high winds and rain or a coyote spooked a bunch of them…right…through…the…fence. So I’m pouring pancake batter into the skillet Saturday morning and look out the window across the road to the paddock they should be in…only to see half of the heard on top of the hill where we just planted oats. Needless to say, my wife finished the pancake breakfast and my kids learned a few more swear words as the door closed behind me. 4 hours later, add tired legs, muddy boots and wet jeans…and I had them where I wanted…and I did it without calling for backup (pat pat). In the moment I always ask myself why in the hell am I raising livestock…but as the cattle get back to grazing in the right paddock and my blood pressure returns to normal, I’m always grateful for such an adventurous lifestyle. Isn’t the saying that “variety is the spice of life”? The spice cupboard is full people!

The chickens are out on grass…and loving it. Once the rain and mud puddles dried up enough we were able to make a path out of the hoop house and pull the mobile hen house to their new pasture for the summer. Cole, our summer college intern, came back into the office and said that a small group of chickens had surrounded a bull snake and they were having a stand-off. My first question was “did you take a picture of it for my blog”….nope. Rookie move…but that’s a greenhorn for you.

We’ve had just enough rain to keep the new seeding moving up towards the sun and the existing pasture in growth mode. But…we sure could use another inch or 3. Yes, I’m a farmer…ideal weather is always part of the conversation around here…or at least in my mind…not sure anybody else cares or obsesses over it like me. What can I say, it’s not a choice…it’s a way of life.

Dad is aiming to plant the organic corn today and hopefully finish Friday. It’s his birthday Friday, 72 and he can still get on the tractor. As a child he likes to tell the story about how his dad always hoped to be done with corn by his birthday, but secretly Dad loved it when he wasn’t finished and he could help out that day.

I think I’ll get back to the long list of tasks still not done….this time of year it’s endless. Good thing the days are so long…we need every bit of daylight we can get. Don’t forget about baseball too. I got roped into coaching my 9 year old’s team…somehow I’m fitting that in my schedule…I think. We are building memories…always, and grateful for every one of them!

Your Farmer,