As most people begrudge a three day stretch of cloudy, rain threatening skies, I was in pure heaven.  We had just seeded down all those acres and this rain was just what the farm doctor ordered.  Over the course of 3 days we measured around an inch and a half in the rain gauge.  Some of that came as I lay in bed late at night.  It is one of the true pleasures I get to experience as a farmer.  Hours and days of planning, preparation, sowing of seeds…all of it depending on that one good rain shower.  A rain shower that you have zero control over happening.  Then imagine building skies as the sun sets and the anticipation as you see a wall of lightning moving toward the farm.  As you crawl into bed you start to hear the wind increase and the pounding of rain drops on the bedroom window and then the sound of heavy drops on the roof as you doze off to sleep.  I’m doing my best to describe it but I don’t think I’m doing it justice.  It’s a special thing and I wish each of you could feel it just once in your lifetime.

As I write this, the rows of oats are already up and photo worthy…the grasses and legumes won’t be too far behind.  We did have one small field that didn’t get seeded because we thought we had another day of dry weather but we fell short on a perfect record and got rained out.  We’ll drill that today and with the moisture in the soil, and the sun’s warm blanket, the seed will be up and out of the ground by next week’s blog.  I just have to say that my dad has quite a streak going for timely rain.  For at least the last 5 years, every time he plants something, it always seems to rain within 24 hours of him jumping off the tractor.  I’m wondering if the farming gods are repaying him for all those stressful years in the 80’s when he was trying to make farm loans at 20% interest.   Yes, I currently just knocked the wood desk I’m sitting at and hope his streak continues long into the future.

The chickens have a big day tomorrow and will be moving out of the hoop and onto green grass.  We moved some of the red angus heifers out this last week and it sure did look nice seeing those red coats dot the emerging green pasture.  There is just something so right and special about a grazing animal out on pasture…I wish Iowa farmers would consider diversifying again as they did before the 60’s and get back into livestock, pasture, oats and hay ground.  The soil would be healthier, the water cleaner, and the beef would taste so much better.

A BIG announcement tomorrow….the new website is finally here.  For months now we have been fine tuning and working with our tech firm to merge the current website into the new, add new features, and most important of all…make it easier for our customers to order and access our products!  I realize I’m teasing you a bit but I think when you get tomorrow’s announcement and start playing around on the new website you are going to love it as much as we do.  If you catch a fix or encounter some glitch please help us out and give us a heads up.  We have 2 major reasons for investing in a new website.  The first is to help those customers across the country looking to have their orders shipped. The second is that we are eliminating the order windows for the Iowa and Illinois drops.  Normally we give every location a week to order.  Now we are allowing an order to be placed the entire month in between the deliveries.  We hope this will eliminate frustration and confusion centered around when the windows open and close.

I’m off to get the chicken fence dusted off and into place…the hens get up with the sun and will want green grass and clover for breakfast!

Your Farmer,