Wallace Farms was co-founded by several members of the Wallace family, because we believe in the dramatic health benefits provided by grass-fed beef and other nutrient-dense foods. We grew up in rural Iowa, where growing corn and soybeans is the livelihood of our fathers and grandfathers. As you might expect, our family, friends and neighbors have been raising grain-fed beef for decades. Nonetheless, in 2001, we were convinced by mounting evidence that touted the superior health benefits of eating grass-fed vs. grain-fed meat… and Wallace Farms was born.

Steve Wallace, our patriarch, is a 30-year veteran in agribusiness with unique qualifications in the area of forage grasses. His years of experience and connections with grass growers and beef producers is the framework for our vision and passion. Steve has a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition from Iowa State University and has worked as a family farmer and farm management consultant for decades. He is currently active as a sales/marketing and research consultant for a leading international grass seed company.

Nick Wallace joined his father at the company in 2004. He oversees all day-to-day operations at the company, in addition to living on the farm that includes the Wallace Farms headquarters.

Lisa Wallace (Nick’s sister-in-law) and her family manage the Wallace Farms warehouse in Naperville, IL. She and Nick’s brother, Jason, assist in marketing and new business development efforts. Their 4 kids—Hannah, Carson, Vivian & Brogan—can also be spotted helping to distribute orders in Naperville.


It is our collective mission to bring superior grass-fed beef and other naturally-raised meats and wild fish to all of our customers and their families. Wallace Farms is your worry-free alternative to food that is raised and processed in a factory-like setting.

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